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Frequently asked questions by our users in using EARN 1 LTC EVERY DAY site

is it possible to create more than one account?Is it okay to use a VPN to access the site?

We only allow one account to register from one ip or device, you can get banned if you force to do that.We don't allow it our site will automatically block access from Proxy/VPN networks.

Everything you need to know is already indicated when buying a mining plan.I want to say right away that you will receive your first profit in 10 minutes!You can purchase a large number of mining plans, but FOR EACH NEW MINING PLAN YOU HAVE TO OPEN A NEW ROOM!!!.Each fixed mining plan offers you investments from $1 to $500.Each mining plan is divided into a number of days, from 30 days to 910 days.Each mining plan offers you from 84% to 120% per year.A separate mining plan called FLI staking differs from a fixed mining plan in that its profitability depends on the value of the FLI token which can be tracked here https://www.geckoterminal.com/polygon_pos/pools/0x9d15024d9b0955f621b796131e248ba02f07d58b.He also has no serious restrictions in the MAX VALUE section, as for example a fixed mining plan has them. So for example, when buying a fixed mining plan for 1 year at 100% per year worth $ 50 after 364 days, you will find $ 100 in the account, but with the FLI betting mining plan, this can be an unpredictable outcome even after 3 to 5 years.You should also know that our mining has a built-in protection system against changes in the cryptocurrency exchange rate!We are not a HYIP project and therefore you should understand that it is best to make a deposit using USDT since it is a stable currency.But we cannot forbid you to make a deposit using all possible methods, and therefore you should understand if you have deposited 2LTC, then we cannot guarantee that after 364 days you will receive 4LTC, but we can guarantee that for example, when depositing 2LTC, their price will be $ 160, then after 364 days you will receive approximately $ 280-320 and if, for example, the price of litecoin drops to $ 50, then you will receive about 6LTC, but if it rises to $ 300, then you will receive 1LTC.

As an understanding of the problem, please do not log in from public internet networks such as internet cafes and public wifi.

Please contact us immediately to explain the problem, so we can look into it and decide to open your account.

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4556ku******[email protected]237.32903225806 FLIBTC faucetpay5 Hours, 33 Minutes ago
4554se******@gmail.com177.40967741935 FLIDGB faucetpay6 Hours, 24 Minutes ago
4552ko******[email protected]179.26129032258 FLIDOGE faucetpay6 Hours, 33 Minutes ago
4551mk******[email protected]3070.4387096774 FLIUSDT faucetpay6 Hours, 47 Minutes ago
4550du******[email protected]190.88064516129 FLILTC faucetpay6 Hours, 56 Minutes ago
4549ek******gmail.com242.23225806452 FLIMATIC faucetpay7 Hours, 11 Minutes ago
4548dv******[email protected]295.45161290323 FLIFEY faucetpay7 Hours, 42 Minutes ago
4547le******[email protected]438.05483870968 FLIBNB faucetpay8 Hours, 14 Minutes ago
4546ar******[email protected]173.13548387097 FLILTC faucetpay8 Hours, 35 Minutes ago
4545od******[email protected]243.41290322581 FLIBTC faucetpay11 Hours, 2 Minutes ago
4544s4******[email protected]162.66451612903 FLIDOGE faucetpay11 Hours, 46 Minutes ago
4543ga******[email protected]210.41935483871 FLIUSDT faucetpay12 Hours, 42 Minutes ago
4542bo******[email protected]227.25161290323 FLIDGB faucetpay13 Hours, 6 Minutes ago
4541an******[email protected]1044.8516129032 FLIMATIC faucetpay13 Hours, 39 Minutes ago
4540rk******[email protected]16465.967741935 FLIUSDT faucetpay15 Hours, 17 Minutes ago
4539Ma******[email protected]174.14516129032 FLIFEY faucetpay15 Hours, 19 Minutes ago
4538ku******[email protected]218.3 FLIBTC faucetpay16 Hours, 56 Minutes ago
4537mk******[email protected]4191.135483871 FLIUSDT faucetpay17 Hours, 8 Minutes ago
4536kr******ost.com236.4 FLILTC faucetpay17 Hours, 16 Minutes ago
4535lo******[email protected]163.35483870968 FLIBTC faucetpay17 Hours, 18 Minutes ago