Why should you choose the referral program of our platform? It's simple!Our referral program is the best so it has 7 levels.Perhaps such actions as manual claims or shortlink will not bring much income from your referrals, but the best is the offerwalls and mining section.

You probably want to ask why?

Everything is simple.If a level 1 referral earns $10 in the offerwalls section, then you will receive $1 for it.If the referral takes a profit from mining in the amount of $ 10, you will also receive $ 1.

How can I invite referrals?

You don't have to spend money on it.You can distribute your referral link in any social networks.Write a small review of our platform for a head start.You can also record a video on YouTube or use other methods.

You can do it now because our project is so young.I think you will be able to invite a lot of referrals, but it will be difficult to do it soon.Don't miss your chance and I wish you good luck.